What we do!

The people who are owed money almost always never know
about it!
If a claim isn’t made in the time allotted by law, the funds often
“escheat” (get permanently acquired) by the government agency
holding them. The word “escheat” is ironically funny. It has the
word “cheat” in it and we feel like the people who are owed the
money get “cheated” by their own government when their
money is permanently taken by the government. We don’t like
that! It is just not fair, and we want to make sure that never

In most cases our clients don’t even realize that these funds exist
until we reach out to them. If these folks never become aware of
the money it will be permanently lost to the government as
“abandoned” or “lost” funds. The only way for the owner of the
funds to get his or her money is to apply for the funds before
they are lost forever!

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