“Congrat’s Start Your Claim”

Claimant Details

We also have a mobile notary agreement. It describes exactly
what we expect of them. All of these agreements are part of the
forms set in the Resources you have access to.
They can also do related services. If we don’t have a lot of time,
they can walk the documents to the agency and hand it to the
person it needs to go to.

Submit the claim by at least two methods: fax or scan and email
and always via regular mail or FedEx.
We also send the original by certified mail, with a return receipt

Whats does surplus mean?

Definition: Surplus is when a company has more resources or assets than it can use in production. In other words, it’s when a business’ assets exceed the useful demand for them. This concept often refers to excess production capacity, but it is also used in the budgeting process when income exceeds expenses.